Jackson Fire Info


Jackson County's lo-fi firewatch. Created during Southern Oregon's September 2020 fires.

This is a weird one, if the tags didn’t tip you off.

In September of 2020 I was evacuated from my home, along with the rest of my neighborhood, due to the approach of the Almeda fire. Within a couple hours of the fire’s first spark, I was driving to a friend’s house with my dog, cat, and my most precious belongings.

As the days passed, everyone in my valley were stuck with the same two questions:

I collected a list of Twitter accounts that had timely, well-sourced situation updates, and bookmarked a frequently-updated GIS map of evacuation zones from the county.

Then I realized I could patch it all together on a webpage and stop switching between the same 6 bookmarks every half an hour. I deployed a single link tree-type Github Page with a couple dozen lines of HTML and a few lines of CSS.

After that, I created a second page for those unconcerned about data caps: The actual evacuation map was embedded at the top, with the most recent news tweets listed below it.