Infrastructure, architecture, design and development for a social image generation experience

My friend hosted a casual art exhibition, and I wanted to participate but I have all the artistic ability of a half-eaten ham sandwich.

So I built this thing, which lets folks toss words into a secret, partially filled-out prompt without knowing the context. Once all the blanks are filled in, the prompt gets sent over to OepnAI's DALL-E while participants marvel at the prompt they created together. A gloriously chaotic image is then delivered at last for all to appreciate, or at least contemplate.

Take a look here!

Heads up that you need an account to host a game, and each account only has a few credits for free before you have to pay for more. This is required to cover the cost of generating images each round with DALL-E. Blatherbrush is under active development, so play at your own risk!

Built with Next.JS, React, TypeScript, Postgresql, OpenAI, and Stripe.