Subscription Streaming Platform

Nonprofit streaming platform to deliver live entertainment amidst a pandemic.

I built a streaming subscription platform so audience members to safely enjoy live performances and support a local nonprofit theatre.

The NextJS web app showed a Wowza livestream for anyone logged in with an active subscription.

Auth0 handled account management, and retained user's Stripe subscription information. Stripe webhooks updated subscription statuses in real-time so audience members immediately received access to the live stream. Audience members could use Stripe's built-in subscription management page to update cards on file or cancel their subscription.

The theatre's marketing website, built on WordPress, had custom fields added so website admins could add custom Call to Action buttons underneath the livestream window. This feature, which used WPGraphQL to fetch the data, allowed the theatre to add custom tip buttons and other calls to action depending on the show.

Built with Next.JS, Auth0, Stripe Subscription API, GraphQL, and Wowza Streaming